Students & Families

At TBA, our students, their families, and community members help to guide and shape the education that their young learners receive. It is for this reason that we make every effort to reach out and engage them in every aspect of TBA culture, and value their feedback, involvement, and the love that they provide our students.






Room #

Andrews Malcolm Crossroads 301
Andrews Madeleine Crossroads 304
Andrews Casey ELA 316
Arase Susan Nurse Health Suite
BZ – Murphy Brianna Scholar Athlete – Bear Zone 99
B.A.M. Becoming A Man 100A
Beller Aaron Path/ CLINICAL PATH office
Bennett Wasadrey SEI – ELA 208
Bethel Khelmon History 307
Biemer Rachel Science 103
Boekholder McKenzie Science N110
Boeri Andrea SSD-10th 315B
Breen Janet Technology/Registrar 105A
Broderick Joan SpEd Service Coordinator Sped Office
Brown Raul Crossroads 305A
Brown Jenna ELA N124
Brunelle April SSD – 6th Respect Office 1
Buckley Brian PE/ Athletic Coord. Gym
Camah Jamaal SPED Director Sped Office
Campbell Belinda Speech 312A
Casado Ramon Discipline – 6th/7th 115A
Chiariello Anthony Chief Academic Officer 215A
Ciesluk Jay Technology 105
Citrin Robin SEI/Science 215
City Year 112
Clark Maggie Head Admin. Asst. Main Office
Cleary Patrick Chief Admin Officer-Office 3 Respect Main
Cohn Allison ELA N114
Costa Alessandro Technology Director Library
DeLaura Mary Susan Crossroads 305B
Desai Justin Math 319
Descartes Jessica SSD – SEI 210
Driscoll Cris ELA 312
Dugan Matthew Science 311
Dumais Alise SSD – 7th N115A
Duran Claudette ELA Library
Dzerkacz Joe MATH 205
Evans John Discipline 309A
Feagin Jerrilyn SpEd – Admin Asst Sped Office
Fleming Mary Jo Curriculum Coach 105A
Foley Pamela Librarian
Gilbert Shaina SEI – SIFE 207
Gordon Shaunice ELA N109
Grace Sareeda History 303
Griggs Emily Math Math Ctr.
Guggenheimer Laura Math 214
Hagen Jasmin CLINICAL Crossroads Guid. Ctr.
Halmo Eliza Harlem Lacrosse Respect back office
Hamdan Yusuf History 202
Henderson Martine History 308
Hollins Aaron Head Custodian Basement
Hough Jenny Math 318
Hughes Lianne History 309
Jacoby Stu CLINICAL Guid. Ctr.
Jean Renel Crossroads Discipline 300
Jean Roodly French 213
Jean-Baptiste Vanessa Science N101
Jones Jamari College Center SSD 12th College Ctr.
Kelton Jillian SSD – Director Office
Kissel Heather Spanish 212
Kistler Maura Crossroads 302
Kmetz Emily Math Math Ctr.
La Manna Antonio Computer 111
Lafond Gretchen ELA N125
Lipsett Blake Reading/ ESL 207A
Lockley Amanda Math Math Ctr.
Logan Max (Ernst) Technology Library
Lopez Jonathan Technology Library
Louis James Science 315
Love Keith Co-Headmaster 1st Floor Main
Lydon Ruthie (Lauren) SSD – 9th 100C
Lynch Marrisa Science 300
Mannion Celeste Science 314
McCarthy David Math 321
McNamara Pat History/ESL 216B
Mills Lem Path/ CLINICAL 116A
Milton Tanisha History N126
Mirville Milord SSD- 10th 315A
Monteiro Bruno Math Math Ctr.
Morrison Jen Reading Specialist Guid. Ste.
Moskowitz Helen ELA N102
Motta Paula ELA 320
Muhlstein Scott HS History 201
Narvaez Amy Discipline Small Gym Office
Naughton Susan ELA 116
Nicholas Kwami Paraprofessional Focus Room
Nicol Jennifer Director of Innovation 206
Noel Phil MS Math Math Center
Patilla Valencia ELA 205
Pavidis Kelly Crossroads 306A
Pontbriand Bruce History/HR 110
Provenzano Karen ELA 317
Rackauskas Julie Art 101
Rene Jean SEI/Math 323
Renzi Lisa History N113
Rieffanaugh Ruth Technology 106
Rivera Gisely PATH Support 116A
Roy Lorna SEI – SIFE 216A
Sakellariou Shannon ESL 211
School Police Police Office
Scudder Jihad Math Center Suffolk
Seapker Jason PE Gym
Sheffield Antwain SSD – 8th
Sherred Jim Science 322
Smith Johanna Digital Art 107
Spellman Elissa Breakthrough 100A
Stanojevich Cristina Math & Science N103
Sullivan Mary SESS (p/t) Sped Office
Sylvia Kenny Crossroads 300
Teneus Roody Discipline Office 100C
Theriault Joe Crossroads Lead 300
Travers Kristen Nurse (p/t) Health Suite
Tuitt Jane Codman Sq Health 2nd Fl
Turin Marsha Science 313
Vernazza Nora Co-Headmaster 315A
Wagner Leah HS ELA 306B
Ward Micheal HS Math 310
White Matt Math 104
Wilkins Denise SEI – Science 209
Witsil Dan Science N111
Worthy Elizabeth Clinical Team Guid. Ste
Yang Stephen ELA 204
Zaubi Aaron Engineering 102
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