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The CTE Pathway at TBA:

TechBoston Academy now offers a Design and Visual Communications Pathway that students can opt into beginning in the 9th grade.  Within this pathway, students will master design skills using industry standard software and equipment.  Areas of focus include graphic design, web design, and technical illustration. As part of their work in this innovative, competency-based training pathway, students will participate in career exploration, job shadows, and internships.  Through our CTE articulation agreements with local colleges, students can also earn college credits.    At the conclusion of the DVC pathway, students will have the opportunity to gain certifications in OSHA and Adobe Certified Associate software, which will make them marketable in a competitive workforce.

All individuals including those who are members of special populations are provided with equal access to career/vocational technical education programs, services and activities and are not discriminated against on the basis of their status as members of special populations or race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identify, English language proficiency, disability, or sexual orientation. Perkins Sections 122 & 134, Vocational Technical Education Regulations 603 CMR 4.03(4) (6) (7), M.G.L.c.76, Section 5.

  • Mrs. Mary Skipper, Chair

  • Mr. Keith Love, Co-Headmaster

  • Mrs. Nora Vernazza, Co-Headmaster

  • Mr. Corey Allen

  • Ms. Amanda Bernasconi

  • Mr. Robert Belle

  • Ms. Sherry Chatman

  • Mr. Robert Emmert

  • Mr. Earl Garret

  • Ms. Shania Gilbert

  • Mr. Willie Hicks Jr.

  • Ms. Carolyn Lomax

  • Mr. Pat McNamara

  • Ms. Helen Moskiwitz

  • Ms. Kelsie Norman

  • Dr. Bruce Pontbriand

  • Mr. James Sherred

CTE Pathway Progression:

During their first year, students will become familiar with foundation art skills and the creative process.  Through the use of digital media, mainly Photoshop, students will learn the principles and elements of art and design.  Through Photoshop, students will learn to express visual creativity with style, design, and images that stir the imagination and provoke conversations.

Through the use of this digital media, students will gain knowledge of basic typography and animation.  Students will also begin to explore career pathways that coincide with their interests and skills.

During their second year, students will develop a deeper understanding of the creative process as it interlaces with a client-based relationship.  Adding to their existing skill based knowledge of Photoshop; students will begin to learn additional programs such as Adobe Illustrator and InDesign as they explore deeper building blocks of Typography and page layout.

Students will continue to explore Digital Media as it relates to the outside world of advertising and information and study the numerous ways visual arts and design manifest themselves in the students’ lives, their community and the broader world. They will learn about marketing, public relations, and preparing for a-skills based future that relies heavily on technology.

Beginning a student’s third year course of study they will be able to choose a directed course of study that will enable he or she to obtain certification in industry standard software for visual design and communication. In addition to in class instruction, as a third year student, course work will incorporate self-directed education and training designed to mimic the real world work force, where investigation and learning is often reliant upon one’s own initiative.

Depending on their course of study, a student will be able to choose as many areas as they are both interested and able to master a skill sets to prepare for certification. (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)

As a fourth year student, a continued investigation in a program of study to build technical skills in their chosen focus area.  Guided, individualized, self-directed preparation for the certification exam is a major component of this year’s course study. Students will participate in field-based internships to further their skills and knowledge.

By completion of the 4th year, students will take Adobe Certified Associate Exam within their chosen program.