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Academic Expectations:

To actively engage students in their own educational process and improve their academic performance as measured by MCAS and other assessment tools:

  • All students will read critically and with comprehension.

  • All students will communicate and reflect effectively through writing, speaking, and presenting.

  • All students will develop their critical thinking skills.

  • All students will learn to effectively solve problems.

  • All students will understand how common themes connect across disciplines and are applied outside the classroom.

  • All students will develop study habits that will enable them to achieve success in their post-secondary pursuits.

Academic Programs:

All academic classes are designed to support either Small group, College Preparatory, or Honors instructions.

  • Advanced placement (AP) instruction challenges students to work at a college level.

  • College prepartory¬†instruction offers a traditional college prep curriculum.

  • Honors instruction challenges students to exceed the expectations of the college prep course.

  • Small group¬†instruction offers many supports to help students access the curriculum.

Technology Expectations

To integrate state of the art technologies into all learning opportunities and to prepare students for higher education and career development:

  • All students will become competent in an array of industry standard technologies.

  • All students will demonstrate proficiency integrating existing and emerging industry technologies that enable communication, problem solving, visual presentation, and research & analysis.