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Learning at TBA:

Students at TBA have the opportunity to use technology to help them more fully engage with the curriculum and to become active participants in both their own education, and within their own communities.

All students, regardless of how well they have done on standardized tests; how strong or weak their academic record is; how many times they have been absent or suspended will be given a fresh start with the same opportunities for academic success and more supports than Boston’s finest exam schools.

TechBoston Academy is a student-centered learning environment where technology is the bridge that connects a student to their learning experience.

TBA Governing Board

The Board’s most important function is to annually work with the Headmaster to set his/her goals and then (in collaboration with the appropriate Boston Public School Deputy Superintendent) evaluate performance towards those goals. When necessary, the Board directs the selection process for a new Headmaster (subject to BPS approval and hiring). In addition, the Board helps with fundraising and external relationships.

Board members also annually review and approve the school’s budget and the school’s mission statement and strategic plans such as the Schools Improvement Plan, School Quality Review, accreditation material, etc.

Governing Board members:

  • Mrs. Mary Skipper, Chair

  • Mr. Keith Love, Co-Headmaster

  • Mrs. Nora Vernazza, Co-Headmaster

  • Mr. Corey Allen

  • Ms. Amanda Bernasconi

  • Mr. Robert Belle

  • Ms. Sherry Chatman

  • Mr. Robert Emmert

  • Mr. Earl Garret

  • Ms. Shania Gilbert

  • Mr. Willie Hicks Jr.

  • Ms. Carolyn Lomax

  • Mr. Pat McNamara

  • Ms. Helen Moskiwitz

  • Ms. Kelsie Norman

  • Dr. Bruce Pontbriand

  • Mr. James Sherred

TBA History:

In 2006, 92% of the first graduating class went to college as compared to 63% of Boston Public School students. The 54 members of the class of 2006 received just over $1,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid.

In 2010, 93% of the graduating class went to college as compared to 61% of Boston Public School students. The 66 members of the class of 2010 received over $2,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid.

Since opening its doors, TechBoston Academy has distinguished itself through its students’ achievements on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment (MCAS) test.

In 2010, 98% of TechBoston Academy students passed the English Language Arts MCAS, compared to the BPS district average of 92% and the MA state average of 96%.

On the Math MCAS, 95% of TechBoston Academy students in 2010 passed, compared to the district average of 86% and the state average of 93%. Finally, 86% of students at TechBoston Academy are graduating compared to 61% of BPS students.

In September 2009, TechBoston Academy expanded to include Grades 6-8 in order to provide a continuous, positive, and stable academic environment with technology as a bridge.

Half of the students entering Grade 9 in 2009 at TechBoston Academy failed MCAS Math and ELA.

TBA continues its commitment to excellence, both in terms of our students’ performance on standardized tests, and to the further development of their problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills.

Our graduates have received millions of dollars in financial aid, and are now to be found working in technology, industry, business, and many other sectors of the economy.