TechBoston Academy is, in fact, four separate academies!

Each academy is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of our unique students,
as they move through specific stages of their social & academic development.

Four academies, four specific approaches, and most importantly, the same mission!

The TechBoston Academies:

The four academy structure was designed in recognition that while we are certainly one school, our students have diverse needs that they need us to meet. The 4-academy structure allows us to retain the nimble-ness of a small school, while also enabling us to zero-in on specific academic, social, and emotional needs that our students may have, and address them quickly and effectively

Respect Academy

Grades 6, 7, & 8: Students begin their educational journeys as active participants in their own learning. RESPECT is the cornerstone of this process.

Integrity Academy

9th Grade: Students enter a major transitional year where the concepts of character and self-awareness are introduced and nurtured.

Success Academy

Grades 10 and 11: Students increase their independence as learners, and develop the skills required to create and develop a future with realistic goals, and endless possibilities.

Excellence Academy

12th Grade: Students are now young adults, and display their college preparedness by taking rigorous honors & AP courses. They also finalize preparations for their biggest test- LIFE!

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