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Welcome to TechBoston Academy!


At TBA we are committed to providing a student-centered learning environment. TBA teachers make learning experiences relevant and engaging.

Our Students Lead the Way!

At TBA, we are firmly rooted in the belief that students learn best when working on engaging projects, collaborating with peers, and working as active participants in their own education.

Challenging Academics

In a TBA Classroom, students can choose push their limits, and participate in rewarding, challenging, and enriching academic experiences.

To their limits, and beyond!

TBA offers students Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Calculus, Chemistry, Language, Civics, and Computer Science. Students also have the opportunity to participate in unique courses such as facing history, electronics, robotics, and digital art.

Athletic Culture

We believe that students who actively engage with athletics see significant improvement in their levels of academic and social engagement. As our students athletes would say...


TBA offers a full array of sporting opportunities for students throughout the year. It is our hope that each and every student is able to have the opportunity to develop their athletic and cooperative skills.

Graduation Rate

About TBA:

TechBoston Academy (TBA) is a Boston public school that is committed to providing students with a nurturing and supportive social environment, and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Students at TBA have the opportunity to use technology to help them more fully engage with the curriculum and to become active participants in both their own education, and within their own communities.


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